Every BusinessCraft product has a lifecycle. The product lifecycle begins when a product is made generally available and ends when it’s no longer supported. Knowing key dates in this lifecycle helps you make informed decisions about when to upgrade or make other changes to your software.

BusinessCraft platform lifecycle is invariably determined by our partners. For example, Synergy is a BusinessCraft platform requirement.

End of Support refers to the date when BusinessCraft no longer provides hot-fixes, updates or technical assistance for a nominated product. This is the latest time by the BusinessCraft product should be updated to ensure no interruption to product support.


Product Latest Update Synergy .Net Framework End of Support
BusinessCraft 5.07.24 10.3.1 4.6
BusinessCraft Service 5.7.24 N/A 4.6
BusinessCraft GO Desktop N/A
BusinessCraft Sales Lead Portal* N/A N/A 30/06/2015
BusinessCraft Timesheets ** N/A
BusinessCraft Hire ** 4.9.3300.5 N/A 3.5 30/06/2015
BusinessCraft Go N/A 4

* Microsoft IIS7 also Required ** Not supported on Windows 8

BusinessCraft Supported Operating Systems

Operating System Latest Service Pack/Release End of Support
Windows* 8*** 8.1 January 10, 2023
Windows* 10***
Windows Server 2012 R2** January 10, 2023
Windows Server 2016 ** January 12, 2027
Windows Server 2019 ** January 9, 2029

* BusinessCraft is not supported on non-professional (e.g. Home) versions of Windows Desktop Operating Systems.

** BusinessCraft is not supported on Small Business Server (SBS) or Essentials versions of Windows Server.

*** BusinessCraft is not supported when using a Windows Desktop/Workstation Operating System as a Server.

BusinessCraft Minimum Requirements

Item Description Server Requirements Workstation Requirements
Operating System

Windows Server 2012 R2

Microsoft .NET 4.6 or later

Windows 8 (8.1) Professional or Ultimate**

Windows 10 Professional or Enterprise**

Microsoft .NET 4.6 or later

System Configuration

Intel Pentium 4 Processor (or equivalent)


Minimum Display 800 x 600 pixels

Minimum 20 GB HDD space

Intel Celeron/Pentium 4 Processor (or equivalent)


Minimum Display 1024 x 768 pixels

Minimum 10 GB HDD space

Internet Connection ADSL or NBN internet connection Not Required
Data Protection Must have regularly tested backup process in place with monthly archives of BusinessCraft database

Not Required

Un-Interruptible Power Supply (UPS) 1000KVa+ with Smart Shutdown (capable of giving a minimum of 10 minutes power support) Optional for critical workstations

100Mb CAT 5 UTP Cabling/Wi-Fi

100Mb Hub/Switch

TCP/IP Network Protocol

TCP/IP Network Protocol and access

BusinessCraft recommends daily, regularly tested, offsite backups

BusinessCraft Support Limitations

BusinessCraft does not support:

  • Use of any BusinessCraft Product for which support has ended.

  • Any BusinessCraft Product running on a Platform that is not supported within the terms of the Software License Agreement between the Customer and BusinessCraft.

Revision 3

26th August 2019